The first step is to change our labeling laws.”GMO labels. The purpose is...?

Many people think that labeling GMOs is a simple bit of text. And that if we just would put something on the package the shouting would stop. Think again.


  1. This is the group that has claimed success in the Cheerios campaign:
  2. But part of the reason to demand labels is to be able to specifically target individual producers. This has been admitted as well. Andrew Kimbrell of the Center for Food Safety:

    “We are going to force them to label this food. If we have it labeled, then we can organize people not to buy it.”
  3. Also, there's this type of extortion--your GMO-free claim isn't good enough, you need to pay us to demonstrate that:
  4. "Your cereal and supply chain MUST go through independent Non-GMO Project Verification. Or the boycotts continue."
  5. This is a tweet from someone who was a "paid writer and spokesperson for the Yes on 37 campaign" for labeling in California.
  6. Ronnie Cummins, International Director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), says this:

    "The burning question for us all then becomes how - and how quickly - can we move healthy, organic products from a 4.2% market niche, to the dominant force in American food and farming? The first step is to change our labeling laws."

    Ah, bigger market niche. I see.

    Of course, this isn't a new direction for Cummins and allies. Here's a piece from 2000 with the goals stated explicitly: "driving genetically engineered crops off the market all over the world". From "Victory for Organic Consumers & Farmers: The USDA Surrenders", In Motion Magazine April 22, 2000. [Note: I think they missed the target for 30% of organic ag by end of the decade..]
  7. Free market? I don't think that means what you think it means if you are demanding a government label.
  8. Gary Hirshberg is the Chairman of Stonyfield Farms, marketing organic products.
  9. Just a label....right...
  10. Is it about the right to know? Or is that merely cover for the actual desires?
  11. Of course, there's always Agenda 21 to consider....
  12. But the public perception of the label--how does it play out?