1. Mike Muller of ARM says heterogeneous is the future & it's been a heterogeneous past but a few shiny leaders received all the focus. #APU13
  2. Nandini Ramani, VP of Java at Oracle, at #apu13 on Java's role in heterogenous computing. 9m java programmers.
  3. Chen: We need to redefine the cores to be heterogeneous to get past 'parallelism wall'. #APU13
  4. Chein-Ping Lu: Go parallel and heterogeneous to keep mobile devices cool and datacenters clean #APU13
  5. Chein-Ping Lu: GPU-style cores are like an army of ants #apu13
  6. Tony King-Smith: We want HSA to be extremely successful - it will address the mobile market and developers' needs #APU13
  7. Tony King-Smith: Middleware (APIs, libraries etc.) is the key for HSA, and developers making portable apps is an art form #APU13
  8. #APU13 Tony King-Smith points to importance of middleware. Mainstream developers don't use APIs. HSAIL, OpenCL, etc for the specialists.
  9. Tony King-Smith: 20-30 GFLOPS GPUs will be shipping in the next year #APU13