Medicine and Modernity in the Long Nineteenth Century


  1. Last weekend, the Diseases of Modern Life project held its main conference, 'Medicine and Modernity in the Long Nineteenth Century' at St Anne's College, Oxford. Our project aims to break through the compartmentalization of psychiatric, environmental or literary histroy, and to offer new ways of contextualising the problems of modernity facing us in the twenty-first century.
  2. Over the weekend, we explored medical, literary, and cultural responses in the Victorian age to the perceived problems of stress and overwork, which anticipate many of the preoccupations of our own era.
  3. Professor Christopher Hamlin opened the weekend with his keynote address, 'What is your Complaint? Health as Moral Economy in the Long Nineteenth Century'.
  4. After the keynote, we moved into parallel sessions on the Making of Psychological Identities, Medical Marketing, and Disseminating Scientific Knowledge.