Police Brutality Reports from #M17 at Zuccotti Park

There were multiple reports of police brutality and violence being used against protesters and members of the media on March 17, 2012 at Zuccotti Park in New York. Here are some tweets and videos about that from my Twitter feed tonight.


  1. Note: I was not at Zuccotti Park tonight -- all of this was on Twitter/UStream/YouTube.
  2. Updated at 3:25AM: Bucky Turco of ANIMAL New York has more video of police violently shutting down Zuccotti Park tonight.  His entire post is worth checking out, as always:

  3. Updated at 2:55AM: The NY Times has an excellent wrapup of tonight's stories out of Zuccotti Park, via their City Room blog:
  4. Ryan Devereaux (@rdevro), a reporter with The Guardian in New York, Tweeted that his press pass was pointed out to NYPD subordinates by a more senior officer.
  5. Later in the evening:
  6. Clare Trapasso (@claretrap) of the New York Daily News reported being shoved by police:
  7. Bucky Turco of AnimalNY (@ANIMALNewYork) says he was pushed while attempting to photograph an arrest: 
  8. @PennyRed reported that she was pushed to the ground:
  9. Glass was broken on an NYU building at 55 E. 10th Street when NYPD officers shoved someone who is reportedly an OWS medic named Jose. (His name was given via @dontbeaputz.)  Many photos of the smashed door made it to Twitter tonight -- here are two, as well as a fuzzy video (filmed secondhand via @OWSNYCLive's UStream account).
  10. Occupy Wall Street Marcher Has Head Smashed in to Window by NYPD
  11. The result was a newly broken door at 55 E. 10th Street.  (Video confirms that the door was not broken prior to the arrest happening in front of it.  Its not clear, however, that the protestors head was what cracked the pane, as was widely disseminated on Twitter tonight)