As a parent, I naturally want what's best for my child - including the best education. I believe, the best education option is homeschooling. You are your child's first teacher! No one else can know your child as well as you - and no one else will have the same level of commitment to your child that you do. Even if you're not sure you will homeschool your child throughout their school years, doing 'preschool-at-home' is a great way for you to get your feet wet, and see what this homeschooling thing is all about! Blessings, Isabelle Clover, homeschooling mom of four

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WahineNet Designs is a full service Web Development company in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Greeks 365 saves thousands of chapter time and money by giving great formal options for Fraternities and Sororities across the country.

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Gail McInnis Productions is proud to offer premier Show Choir Costumes designs tailor fit for show choir, bands and performing groups. We offer a wide variety of unique fabrics, custom made beaded and sequined dresses and an extensive line of men's suits.

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I am a music producer, artist, beat maker, and web designer from NYC. Lovin life and making music full time. If you're into music production or beat making definitely hit me up and let us discuss! Looking forward to connecting with some other beat makers and musicians on storify. Legit. Peace.

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Pregnancy products marketing expert with a passion for helping new mothers find the right products. I have 3 kids myself and I know how stressful pregnancy can be, and I believe mothers-to-be deserve the best support, knowledge, and product reviews! I believe firmly in consumer protection in the parenting and pregnacy markets, where it is possibly more important than anywhere else. These are the most important and often most vulnerable who need honest advice and guidance during the most important part of their lives. If you are interested in getting in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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