Effective Content Curation in Higher Ed

A recap of our April 10, 2012, webinar.


  1. Curation is often derided as a jargon-y, buzzword. But it can have real value in our communications strategy.
  2. Curation is the highest level of engagement.
  3. Our community is creating great, brand-aligned content, ripe for curation.
  4. We have to stay human and use our editorial judgment and criteria to make curation effective. Aggregation is not curation!
  5. Context is the "special sauce" for curation.
  6. Curation helps us make sense of the real-time flow of content and extend its life.
  7. Curation is also a huge tool for community development.
  8. We can offer our community guidance on how to support our curation efforts, as Drake does on Pinterest.