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Creating Emotionally Relevant Content for Higher Education Audiences

Erika Knudson and Rebecca Salerno from Indiana University presented on this topic at Confab 2012 on May 15.


  1. We were excited to live-tweet one of the higher ed sessions at Confab.
  2. Check out the session description:
  3. The presentation used the analogy of the student lifecycle to explain the process of content strategy.
  4. An important task: get people into the project!
  5. The Indiana University Alumni Association had a big problem to solve.
  6. The goal? Engagement.
  7. Repeat after us: determine your core purpose!
  8. To get where they wanted to go, the IU folks did a lot of research and learned a lot about their target audience. This informed their brand and content strategy. It came down to creating an emotionally meaningful experience.