Medill’s Best Tweets of 2014

Michelle Kim (BSJ18)


  1. Another year of live-tweets and Medill School updates has gone by, and we’ve compiled a list of what tweets garnered the most buzz in 2014. Here's @MedillSchool’s list of top tweets from 2014 that range in stories from President Obama’s visit to campus to the renaming of the Medill Medal to the James Foley Medill Medal for Courage and Journalism to the doughnuts consumed on NU Purple Friday, a day when students demonstrate their school pride.
  2. #1 Medill Remembers James Foley
  3. #2 President Obama Visits Campus
  4. #3 USA Today's Christine Brennan speaks at Convocation
  5. #4 Matthieu Aikins awarded Medill Medal for Courage
  6. #5 Remembering James Foley
  7. #6 Medill Justice Project helps in the release of innocent prisoner
  8. #7 Medill students at the White House Correspondent's Dinner
  9. #8 Maya Angelou's last tweet
  10. #9 Purple Friday Doughnuts
  11. #10 Journalism advice from the D.C. newsroom