1. Starting with this tweet, the idea seems to have been to make use of images from medieval manuscripts and medieval art (or art that was close to medieval) and add in humorous memes related to drinking and going to bars.
  2. The tweets were an immediate success, garnering thousands of retweets and within a month the account had over 270 000 followers.
  3. Within days of it starting, Medieval Reactions was gaining mainstream media attention, and even its own sub-reddit....
  4. Earlier this week, the website Vice.com spoke with the person behind Medieval Reactions, which turns out to be Cathal Berragan, a 19-year-old student living in the U.K. The interview was very revealing, as while Cathal notes that this is a "hobby" for himself, he is also part of a marketing company called The Social Chain, which tries to create viral Twitter accounts and then lets advertisers send their messages to their audience.
  5. This interview brought on much commentary on Twitter. In her article in History Today, Kate Wiles explains, that "the issue many medievalists have taken is with the appropriation of their work, out of context and without any of the passion they feel or the research and discussion they share, with the sole purpose of profit."
  6. There have also been some issues raised by the fact that several new similarly-named Twitter accounts have also been created which post the same content. Even a legal blog commented on the situation...
  7. Questions are also being raised on how much @MedievalReacts might be copying from other Twitter accounts that send out medieval images....
  8. Six minutes later...