Marking X-Ray Images Makes Them Even More Useful

Some of the most popular products at kemper medical are used for this particular purpose, and they provide a great deal of valuable service in the process.


  1. X-ray imaging works by a simple, well-understood process that is also powerful enough to produce highly useful results. The basic idea, in every case, is that electromagnetic energy of a suitable frequency and intensity will penetrate some parts of an object fully while being absorbed, to some degree or another, elsewhere.

    When a suitable type of film is located behind the object to be imaged, a permanent record of the results can easily be created. This technique is most commonly used to peer into the internals of the human body, and supplies available at regularly end up making this important work easier.

    Reliable, Affordable Means of Adding Important Information to X-Ray Images

    Some of the most popular products at are used for this particular purpose, and they provide a great deal of valuable service in the process. Simple objects that include appropriately shaped pieces of X-ray-absorbing lead can be used to mark film with information that will benefit doctors and patients. Some of the details that are most commonly inscribed in this way include:

    Orientation - One of the most common types of medical error in the past used to arise when doctors would view an X-ray in a reversed orientation. This could easily lead to serious problems, as when a surgeon might end up operating on the wrong side of a patient's body. Just about every X-ray taken today is marked with notations that indicate which side of the body each part of the image corresponds to.

    Identification - In many cases, it will also be helpful to be able to associate a particular X-ray with the technician who took it. Many X-ray markers therefore also include the initials or name of the associated radiographer.

    Date - Another frequently helpful detail is the date on which an X-ray was created. Markers that include replaceable elements so the date can be updated every day easily allow for this.

    Adding Another Important Dimension to X-Rays

    The entire point of any X-ray is to provide information that would not otherwise be available. By adding information of entirely different kinds to the X-ray images that offer so much value of their own, products like these can make an important technology even safer and more useful.