Live Coverage: May Day Protests Nationwide

Journalists from over 25 leading independent media outlets report on May Day actions nationwide. Welcome to media for the 99%.

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  1. May Day's organizers started with two main goals: To work with Occupy, labor, and immigration activists to lead a nationwide general strike, and to get people back on the streets and involved in Occupy's reemergence after a long winter. 

    Some cities excelled at coordination among labor, immigration, and Occupy groups. In Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, and Chicago, labor and Occupy groups worked together to lead mostly peaceful joint actions and sit-ins. 

    In other cities, protesters were less organized and elements of their groups engaged in property destruction. Local police in Seattle, Oakland, and Portland responded with crackdowns that included arrests, tear gas, and kettling. Some reports said officers were throwing people off their bikes and beating resisting protesters with police batons. But the isolated actions of a few individuals did not define the entire movement.

    Leading a nationwide general strike is an ambitious goal, so it is no surprise that the number of May Day protesters was smaller than activists had hoped for. But May Day succeeded in its goal to be a nationwide protest that united activists in cities and towns across the country and signaled the return of the Occupy movement. 

    We're closing down our Storify now that the day is ending, but be sure to check out the Media for the 99% outlets here for continuing coverage throughout the night.
  2. Labor, immigration, and Occupy activists have gathered across the country today for a #MayDay of protest and action. Our reporters are covering the latest developments nationwide. What actions are happening today, and where? We've got it covered. Check back often: We're constantly updating this Storify as May Day actions occur around the country. Scroll down for inclusive updates from cities and towns nationwide.
  3. Actions have been peaceful or aggressive, depending on where they happen. Protesters and police have faced off in Oakland, Portland, and Seattle, while marches have remained calm in Los Angeles, Tucson, and Austin:
  4. May Day Actions Happening Now:

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  6. In New York: