Guardian Changing Media Summit 2012

Media Future 2012 was a conference partner to the Changing Media Summit. Here's our roundup of what happened...


  1. The Guardian's Changing Media Summit took place on March 21st and 22nd. Leading figures from Sony Pictures, The Economist, Netflix, Spotify, Google and many more took to the stage to give an insight into how they have built innovative and successful digital businesses. We were there!
  2. Thanks to the conference organisers for letting us hand out flyers!
  3. Mark Rock, CEO of Audioboo and a speaker at our conference last year, about to give his keynote...
  4. Yahoo UK & Ireland gave a great talk about future proofing your media business...
  5. Another one of our favourties was Andrew Millar, CEO of The Guardian.
  6. We also learned some interesting (and scary) facts