1. A Tweet Introduction for #SocialmediaShakespeares, a special issue of Borrowers and Lenders: the Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation (@ShaxandApp). Edited by Maurizio Calbi and Stephen O'Neill.
  2. The tweet as condensed argument ... or as quotation.
  3. Reflecting on the medium ... and reflecting on the implications of our Introduction.
  4. The Introduction goes to proof stage. The tweet functions as a promotional tool.
  5. On the 400 anniversary of Shakespeare's death, some Twitter users wonder how the playwright and poet might have used social media.
  6. Extending the argument of the Introduction, we suggest that perhaps Shakespeare studies needs to attend more closely to the economic dynamics of #socialmediaShakespeares and to address how these entail immaterial labour that is valorised as playful participatory media production:
  7. Some of the contributors to the special issue reflect on their essays, using Twitter to give a taster of their focus and argument: