Social media for charity PR pros

We have some most excellent PR interns at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, but they need to learn more about social media and how it can help them achieve their goals. This is the story of what I'm going to show them


  1. Before I get to the resources and tips I would stress that social media is not something you bolt on at the end, how and when you use social media should be dictated by your overall communications strategy. 

    Sure, you can use it to enhance and capitalise on existing PR activity but it always works best when it is delivering your strategic objectives and, like all good communications, integrated across your organisation.


    If you spot social media being used in a silo, kick it down!

  2. I don't know everything (you're shocked aren't you) but I know how to ask for help
  3. Rachel chipped in on Twitter to say this presentation is pretty old now, but it is still a good intro for newbies I think
  4. You can't talk social and charty without mentioning #nfptweetup, so here it is!
  5. And now, what is the most viral video in history?
  6. And what can charity PR social media pros learn from #Kony2012...lots! About sharing, call to actions, viral video, the importance of transparency and getting your facts straight. What does Charlie Brooker have to say?

  7. Kony 2012 NWO sinister logo's and invisible children - 10 o'clock live 14.03.12
  8. There has been tonnes and tonnes written about this, here is some of the better stuff I saw tweeted
  9. Hopefully by now we all have some ideas of the ways tradtional PR and social media marketing are coverging. As increasingly people cosume their news thorugh social media. Here is some research (USA) that backs that up:
  10. But what about some examples from the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, well just this weekend this happened: