TJC15 - Occupy as a new pedagogy

The theoretical and practical potentials of the Occupy movement to HigherEd


  1. "We do this as educators who are seeking to ‘occupy’ spaces of higher education inside and outside of the institutions in which we work." Mike Nearyand Sarah Amsler
  2. So we met yesterday to talk about this paper at our regular (ish) Twitter Journal Club. I have been involved in it from the start as the idea emerged as we read a paper live on Twitter with a few colleagues. Somebody said: We should do this regularly. And here we are several events into our experiment with a Tenacious Tanya doing research on the phenomenon already! This storify is a poor attempt at giving those who were unable to join us a flavour of our interactions and hopefully one place to search for resources from the event.
  3. Nothing can be substitute for the excitement of 1 hour crazy associative trailblazing with a bunch of committed learner educators. Come an join us next time!

  4. This week we tried a new way of preparation using Hypothesis as our annotation tool. We had a lot of help from the team at Hypothesis to get our annotations working but when the glitches were sorted we had a tool we enjoyed to collaborate annotating the paper we were reading before and after the event. As there is no requirement to read paper beforehand, the original idea was 'read in company and tweet as we go', some people found the annotations useful to do a quick read of the paper as the live tweeting started.
  5. The session generated over 400 tweets and we were joined by the authors who kindly engaged with us and tweeted many extra resources to help our understanding of the paper.
  6. Some of us were keen, took a sneak peak at the article and enjoyed the frame shifting the article offered as it challenged many preconconceptions about education via a mapping of the principles in the the Occupy movement to higher education.
  7. Some of us played with the parameters of the event, deciding on the rules for each event. Some people like to read ahead, some do not, some are more contextual.
  8. There were many pre-event tweets about the annotation tool. A shout out to @judell who went the extra mile to get us a result that enabled us to annotate and highlight in one page.
  9. Below is an ideosyncratic account curated and ordered manually by me. So I apologise in advance if I missed a thread that was key in your experience.I like to create associative trails rather than let Storify order it all. I may never be asked to do this again....I have not included all the tweets but tried to give a sense of the different threads of conversations and added all tweet with media and links for future reference.
  10. Autumn was test driving TJC15 and took a leaf from Frances for a way to tackle the reading