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Stop Press - Gifachrome for kids

This reporter has been following closely developments at Gifachachrome Headquarters. There appear to be plans for the release of a Gifachrome for Kids. Amazing audio-to-gif technology will be unveiled at the launch party on Friday 13th at 8.00pm GMT.


  1. We followed Gifachrome personnel to a secret location in the UK.
  2. on searching the area we found the following sketch
  3. We contacted Gifachrome headquarters but nobody was available to comment. Internet research surfaced this mysterious post on Google Plus by Cathleen Nardi who has been involved in the development of the DS 06 Gifachrome camera a mysterious photo with magical effects is referred to,
  4. We then found a Photoshop tutorial on YouTube with the magical photo but it now seemed to have more content and be animated. It shows some basic photoshop editing narrated by Rochelle Lockridge, Chief Executive of Gifachrome. We wonder if this was put on Youtube as a cover up for the company's true intention
  5. Add Colin Dog to GIF Photoshop Tutorial
  6. An anonymous source from the company released some documentation to this journalist. It seems to confirm that the sketch above is of the GIFA-KID-CHROME edition of the camera.  The Glitch-a-chrome edition of the Gifachrome camera creates beautiful glitch art ,
  7. There is a special lens you can buy to take photos that 'get you out of the frame in sticky situations'  called LayerCake and produced by John Johnston from We code Economy,
  8. All of this research and development is amazing enough and has made the Friday th pmGMT one of the most awaited product launches since the iPhone on July , 00 . However this latest intelligence seems to overshadow even this.   It seems to show that the GIFA-KID-CHROME camera will take any spoken story or mp file and turn it into an animated gif. The same anonymous source released the following test photo,
  9. A post by Cathleen Nardi once again, who sources say has been a driving force behind the audio-to-gif technology within the GIFA-KID-CHROME camera. The original idea seems to have emerged from a company party where somebody said ' wouldn't it be nice if we could tell stories and watch the story emerge as an animated gif?' Gifachrome engineers set to work, and whilst the technology is not yet as smooth as it could be it seems to take audio input, search the internet for creative commons images, and output an animated gif of the story. We base this on the fact that the caterpillar has been seen elsewhere on the interwebz
  10. And the early prototype below shows elements of the Alice in Wonderland story animated gif with clear sizing issues, but the mushrooms clear precursors of the ones on the photo above.
  11. Our search also surfaces the following photo. Again posted by Rochelle Lockridge of Gifachrome. An early output of the GIFA-KID-CHROME camera? We will have to wait until Friday th to find out. The website is now live and official updates can be found there.
  12. You can also follow them on Twitter @GifaChrome and they have set up a Tumblr blog for some experimental images being released this week