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It seems like the people at GIFaChrome do not rest at weekends. We hear rumours that their Chief Executive lives at the company headquarters in preparation for the Friday 13th product launch. Listen to the Gifachrome Radio Hour at 8.00pm GMT followed by and after party at 9pm GMT.


  1. After our last report, we now also have evidence that an infrared version of the camera will be launched on Friday.
  2. We have an idea as to how it will look,
  3. GIFACHROME camera in action with photogr...
    GIFACHROME camera in action with photogr...
  4. And have managed to secure a pre-release video commercial and a draft of the Wikepedia page one of their people Christina Hendricks is working on and gives us more detailed information - for the geeks amongst you - as to how the technology on the camera works. It takes 7 frames per second for standard animated gifs, a must-have for supper smooth animation. 
  5. GIFaChrome - The future of photography is here....
  6. Endorsements have begun to emerge, with Jonathan Worth the 'face' of Gifachrome starting of the week:
  7. David Kernohan, also a keen photographer joining in the twitter chat today
  8. Looks like the Gifachrome mascot has gone beyond just offering written endorsements and has recorded his first SoundCloud for the company,
  9. We have secured the first commercial to be aired on Friday. A parody on James Bond, recorded by the Gifachrome Mascot Colin: 'My name is Colin, Colin the dog'
  10. And Finally, we have secured a sneak peak at what may become their poster campaign - a still from the video commercial.