Just another Daily Create for #DS106

I just had a lovely time viewing the #ds106 hashtag. Some lovely humans decided to share wonderful doors with us. Janet does daily creates regularly but Francesca just loves doors and decided to share them with us for no reason other than sharing her love for doors. Thank you!


  1. This was the prompt and this was my door in an abandoned poultry farm.
  2. Janet's door moves us to Italy and then Francesca takes us everywhere!
  3. This morning we started a chat and I invited her to join us for more daily creates. We need to have one about windows to get Francesca to show us her window creations!
  4. I asked Francesca if I could use her photos here. She said yes, and below are the year and location of the doors she shared with us.
  5. And Daisy joined in with this amazing photo warning us of the dangers of too much Twitter fun!
  6. And more doors kept arriving! This time from my friend Frances who also had lots of doors Italy.
  7. Even impostor door made an appearance.