Quirky Black Girls vs. Nelly and His Tip Drill "Ho" Machine

In 2005 Nelly wanted to have a bone marrow drive at Spelman, as his sister was dying from Lukemia.<br>Nelly had just made the Tip Drill video which featured him putting a credit card through a Black woman's ass (I don't know her name.)<br>The students at Spelman wanted to talk to Nelly about the video. He went to the media instead.<br>Today, based on a link I shared, Moya reached out to Nelly on twitter. Here are the tweets.


  1. Moya's first tweet after she saw the link I sent:

    Dear @nelly_mo, Let it go, dude. It's been like six years. love, one of them Spelman girls bit.ly/dAux5A
  2. Tip Drill.
  3. @shaydeeavery said:
    "@moyazb I'm just sayin' @nelly_mo take a laxative...let it go. Lift weights. Move on"
  4. [@storify only lets me go back and hour, so here is a Nelly tweet.]
    @shaydeeavery @moyazb maybe if u lost ur sister maybe u wouldn't find that so funny or so ez to letgo!I miss her everday!so fck both of yall