Politics and Sausage-Making: Iowa #edreform

Snippets from the Iowa House of Representatives' February 19 discussion on education reform

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  1. The evening kicked off with a couple of prerequisites...
  2. 1. Obligatory statement that education in Iowa is sinking fast? Check.
  3. 2. Alarmist citation of misleading education movies? Check.
  4. Once those were out of the way, we decided to be cheap despite a record budget surplus of $1 billion. 
  5. Because failing to invest in education helps solve that 'crouching toward educational mediocrity' issue we have. #teachingwithslatesandcandlesticks
  6. Universal preschool is uniformly recognized as both highly impactful and cost-effective. So of course that amendment got shot down QUICK.
  7. Then we turned to the REALLY important issues of the evening. First up: more support for home schoolers. 'Cause, you know, that's the majority of Iowa students.
  8. Next up, the most hotly-debated topic of the evening: Allowing homeschooling parents to teach their children driver's ed. Now that is some serious legislative bravery, people. Applaud our representatives for being willing to TAKE A STAND for the rights of all non-driving homeschooled kids...