Memes 90's kids can relate to

Pokémon, Nintendo64, Power Rangers, etc all in fantastically relatable memes.


  1. It seems like XBOX 360s get the infamous "Red Ring of Death" all too often. I am 21 and still have (and play) the Nintendo64 my sisters and I got in elementary school. Plus, if you accidentally somehow scratch the hell out of a video game you're out of luck, whereas you could merely blow into a Nintendo cartridge and usually fix it. If that didn't work, just turn off the console, then turn it back on.
  2. Back in the 1990s, who'd have thought that something as common as Wi-Fi would be pretty much everywhere? Not I. But, boy am I glad it is.

    Speaking of boys: Who'd have thought the James van der Beek of "Dawson's Creek" would pretty much disappear from TV after this show?

    Back to the Internet, I do not miss having to share the connection with our house phone, or the terrible noise the dial-up made.
  3. I used to watch "Dragon Ball Z" while eating cereal before school started as a kid. Man, I wish there were shows as good as "DBZ" on now in the mornings when I am rushing around with my coffee and looking for shoes that match my clothes for the day.
  4. But seriously. What kind of name is Vegeta?
  5. I digress.... Every calendar of every 90's Kid should have an image of Justin Timberlake saying "It's gonna be MAY" after April 30th. Oh, how I miss the days of the deciding which CD to listen to: 'N SYNC or The Backstreet Boys.
  6. I still get this feeling when I am put in a group with people that don't suck. We can conquer any assignment (or over-sized monster stomping on buildings) you toss at us.
  7. Geez, these things HURT! I think our parents allowed us to get them to spite us for anything that we did wrong.
  8. Mom: "Oh, you want a slap bracelet? Here!"
    Me: "Thanks, Mom!" *unrolls and slaps one onto my wrist*
    Me again: *winces kinda and pretends it didn't hurt*
    Mom: *smiles from me slightly getting stung from it, but pretends she's just happy I like the new toy*

    -ahem- by TOY I mean WEAPON. I would totally slap my sisters with these and pretend I was just trying to share my jewelry with them. Just saiyan....
  9. I have SO many TY Beanie Babies and I have no earthly idea what to do with them! My parents would always freak out if we messed up the tags on them.

    If only they knew then what we know now....
  10. My older sister was addicted to Hanson for some time. Her name is Taylor. Coincidentally, so was one of the three brothers in Hanson, not to mention in this meme is Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Goodness.

    Among the sound of Internet dialing up, "Mmmbop" is also a sound I do not miss.
  11. But here it is if you happen to miss it.
  12. My favorite fad from the 1990s is Pokémon. When I say Pokémon, I am referring to the original 151 species, not the hundreds of them that are around today.

    There was nothing like playing "Pokémon Red" or "Blue" or "Yellow" on a Nintendo Gameboy, unless you forgot to save the game before you got to Victory Road. That was the worst feeling ever, it was totally okay to cry a little at that point.
  13. I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was! #pokemon #yellow #pikachu #gameboy #color #memories #leggo #idgaf #yolo
    I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was! #pokemon #yellow #pikachu #gameboy #color #memories #leggo #idgaf #yolo
  14. Now if only all cops did this whenever they tasered someone, my 90's kid life would be complete.