8 things all high schoolers can relate too

  1. 1. When the teacher asks for the summer work you had no idea about
  2. It's happened to all of us, thinking you had that one nice teacher that didn't assign any work over break. Only to find out on the first day, there was definitely work, and you definitely didn't do it.
  3. 2. Getting home from school after the first day
  4. Having to move from sleeping all day and just hanging out with friends, to attending class all day and coming home with a heavy book bag is not fun. The one thing that makes it a little better? Snacks and naps!
  5. 3. Wishing school was done after only the second day
  6. Making the transition from summer life to school life is hard. Not to mention actually having to write and use our brains, so maybe a little midweek vacation is earned?
  7. 4. When the teacher unexpectedly calls on you
  8. Everyone has experienced this. The one question you don't know the answer too, is when the teacher calls on you. The only thing is, do you make up an answer, or admit you have no clue?
  9. 5. Hearing that there's homework on the first day
  10. While most high school students do have homework on the first day, it will never get easier finding out. The best class is where name games are played the entire period, and homework is not even mentioned.
  11. 6. After taking the first test in a hard class
  12. There's always a test in each class that is a total fail. Whether that's the first test, last test, or every test in-between.
  13. 7. When you think about your grades
  14. Let's be real, it's self explanatory.
  15. 8. How everyone feels when the alarm to get up for school goes off
  16. No matter how exciting and educational school is, it's still school. Each day is a struggle to get up without hitting the snooze button.
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