The Mr G Online 100th Post Anniversary Special

A look down memory lane at what Mr G Online has achieved


  1. (Apologies to the Simpsons for this attempt at parodying their Anniversary Specials.)
  2. "Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such milestone shows as 'Twitter - who'd have thought people would be so interested in such trivial comments said in so few w..' And 'BlackBerry Playbook - the iPad killer that wasn't'. Today we are celebrating the momentous occasion of Mr G Online's 100th Post. This unknown blogger from Australia has come such a long way since he took those first steps as a blogger back in January 2012 . Few would remember his early posts, his reflections on how he was asked to set up a trial iPad program at his school. He was pretty much writing to himself until one day he decided to join Twitter and tweet out a link to this post on how to get teachers interested in iPads....."
  3. "Suddenly after 75 retweets, Mr G Online had an audience. Not long after, Mr G really started to get serious about what iPads were about in the world of Education and posted this reflection that reached out to readers all over the world."
  4. "He followed up this post with three others about writing and Maths and suddenly a serious blogger was born."
  5. "Mr G Online soon became more than a just a blog about iPads, although the 'wonder tablet' would remain the star of the show. The "Australian teacher with lots to say" started offering advice on a range of topics based on his experience. Popular offerings included his thoughts on the need for PD for teachers in Technology, his defence of Wikipedia and a long reflection on the future of Education with its links to technology."
  6. "As Mr G got back into the swing of teaching, he started sharing his use of technology during his work with the children at his school. No longer a class teacher, Mr G looked for ways that Edmodo could keep him in contact with students he often only saw once a week. He shared several posts about how he used Edmodo in Literacy."
  7. "While not as popular in the Twitterverse as some of his other posts, Mr G often took the opportunity to share some of his ideas for teaching Mathematics, often incorporating technology but sometimes just focusing on his love of Maths."
  8. "As his visitor stats grew, Mr G Online's author started to get serious about providing a service for teachers around the world, while at the same time encouraging him to research to support ICT use in his own school. He put quite a lot of time, as a response to queries from other teachers, into this blog post about Web 2.0 tools that were available for students under the age of 13"
  9. "The popularity of this post convinced Mr G to start reviewing Web tools and specific iPad apps. He did it for the love of sharing and encouraging the use of technology, not for endorsements. Nevertheless, along the way, he made good connections with a number of developers, another benefit to blogging."
  10. "Of course, as a blogger, you can sometimes hit a mental block or be too committed to other work. When this happened, Mr G Online still found time to post a good infographic that either inspired reflection from himself or provided some food for thought for readers. Some of these infographics were very popular downloads, particularly on Pinterest, where Mr G Online's posts, infographics and images are found in abundance."
  11. "As the year progressed, iPads became a pressing matter again, not only at Mr G's school but at many schools in his area and globally. While never professing to be an expert, many of Mr G's posts on the challenges and successes of running an iPad program at school were appreciated by readers suffering from the same failings with what is still a single user device being forced into a shared environments."