Alex Roberts

It is nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly.

Tablesaw Tablesawsen

Tablesaw Tablesawsen. Banned from Google Plus. Silent on Facebook.


{aspiring front end web developer, coffee addict, #hoya, book lover, concert-goer, fangirl, feminist, student of the internet, @GA alum, 1/2 of @infinitezoo}

indie rock, pinball, music tech, librarian, blockhead and whoovian

Mikael Dahl

Yes, no, maybe, all of the above.


Raised By a Wild Pack of Jet Planes

Rachael Zubal

NT Mom, not-so-NT kid, nerd, HoH, student, and so forth.


standard-issue human/ taking taking-things-too-seriously too lightly & vice-versa. decontextualise me bb


buried in shards of glass

Rowan Cota

Being in love is totally punk rock. Gamer, writer, geek, princess, reader, intersectional feminist. And lover of #CrypticLyrics tweets

Shira Chess

I study media. And teach about it.