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Princess of Wands

Left of center gamer, female pronouns, plays games on twitch occasionally. Whines about prison industrial complex. Been on a DC comics kick.

Galactic Pretty Boy

They're tweeting her! And they they're going to tweet me!


Big dreams. Good music. Expensive taste. The eyes are useless if the mind is blind. Web/multimedia studies. Writer for VARSITY. Blogger. Insta: @teepeevonsay

Ole Peder Giæver

Co-author of Itras By and a children's book on RPGs. Journalist with ABC Nyheter. I like larp, comics & strange stuff. Tweets in Norwegian and English.

Jeremy P Bushnell

Author of THE WEIRDNESS (@MelvilleHouse, '14).

Creative. Wordsmith. Crafter. Island girl. Envirofriendly. Comic and sci-fi fan. Lover of the weird. #yeg #queer

Alex Roberts

It is nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly.

Tablesaw Tablesawsen

Tablesaw Tablesawsen. Banned from Google Plus. Silent on Facebook.


{aspiring front end web developer, coffee addict, #hoya, book lover, concert-goer, fangirl, feminist, student of the internet, @GA alum, 1/2 of @infinitezoo}

indie rock, pinball, music tech, librarian, blockhead and whoovian

Mikael Dahl

Yes, no, maybe, all of the above.


Raised By a Wild Pack of Jet Planes

Rachael Zubal

NT Mom, not-so-NT kid, nerd, HoH, student, and so forth.