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1 Reason Why

Luke Crane asked, earlier today: "Why are there so few lady game creators?" I've curated some of that twitter discussion here, focusing primarily on the responses women gave to that initial question. (Since finishing this Storify, the hashtag has exploded. Now this is just an origin story.)


  1. While Luke's question kicked off the conversation, I don't quote many of his responses here. Instead, I tried to primarily track the conversation that emerged from this one question.

    The next couple tweets are just evidence of how people got drawn into the conversation.
  2. Most of these following tweets are grouped by author, instead of chronologically. Where a conversation's back-and-forth seemed important, I clustered that conversation all together. One-off responses float about sporadically (especially those of kleenestar and lastnora.)

    Figuring out how to arrange this story & what to include was difficult. Please don't read too much into my choices.