Today I did a lot of screaming about the anti-LGBT bill North Carolina passed

Context: Today, March 23, the North Carolina government called a special session of the legislature, introduced an anti-LGBT bill in the morning, then pushed it through both houses of the legislature essentially unchanged. By midnight, it had been signed into law.

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  1. Here's my commentary on the bill passage, and my breakdown of what the bill does. In short, it combines a ban on local LGBT discrimination protections (similar to a law already existing in Tennessee) with an absolutely unprecedented attack on the rights of transgender people.
  2. [Tweets edited for typos:]
  3. So per the NC-LEG bill text, because "biological sex" is defined purely by your birth certificate, "biological sex" is something that can either change OR not change over time, depending on where you were born.
  4. And, also by the NC-LEG bill text, "biological sex" changing may OR may not involve physical changes—again depending on where you were born.
  5. Shifting to talk about the broader context:
  6. (The video is put out by the NC state GOP and attacks the Attorney General of North Carolina, a Democrat, who opposes the anti-LGBT bill.)
  7. (There have been a LOT of bills like this this year-- this is just the first one to become law. This Storify doesn't even INCLUDE some tweets about a proposed bill in Kansas, which gives people a monetary bounty for turning in trans people they catch in the restroom. Then there's this:)