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Making (in) the Digital Humanities

I was writing up a thing today, a thing about "values in design," and was thinking about how I've oft heard the "Digital Humanities is about making things," but [citation needed]. So I decided to ask DHe twitter internets and see what they thought.


  1. Word is bond.
  2. Time to dig into the MLA twitter archive:
  3. Borgman 2009 poses the question "Whose problem is it, develop, and deploy the scholarly infrastructure for digital humanities?" In response she cites Drucker: "Leaving it to 'them' is unfair, wrongheaded, and irresponsible. Them is us" from her Chronicle article "Blind Spots: Humanists must plan their digital future." 

    She also talk about this during a Digital Humanities session at the iConference in Toronto. I have notes I should type up...when I have time?
  4. The UCLA link to the Manifesto has been broken for some time, but we found a living URL.
  5. A trio of excellent blog posts: