Robbery, social media & a lesson in brand loyalty to customers

How four brands stood by a customer after a robbery & thereby earned an advocate for life


  1. On Tuesday, March 19th 2013 I was at the gym. When I return to my locker it had been broken into, with the lock cut off. My Avund Goods wallet was stolen, along with my Hudson Sutler gym bag. The bag had a brand new hoody from GORUCK in it--a birthday gift from my brother that I'd received that day & never worn. My reaction:
  2. Apologies for the language, but I was upset. I realized that basically all the stuff that was stolen was, coincidentally, from Huckberry, so I took to Twitter:
  3. It didn't take long for each of these brands to start responding to see how I was and how they could help:
  4. Already my mood was improving. I mean, that's some pretty awesome social media monitoring & responsiveness by a brand. But it didn't stop there.
  5. For those that don't know, Hudson Sutler makes some really amazing, durable bags here in the United States of America.  

    Avund Goods, makers of beautiful, minimal leather wallets, were on the ball too.
  6. And GORUCK, builders of military-grade backpacks and gear here in the USA, were on it too:
  7. Four for four of the companies I mentioned in my tweet on getting my stuff stolen responded quickly and with commitments to help make things right for me. These companies had no obligation to do so. It wasn't their fault I got robbed - it was my bad luck. But they did so anyway.

    In addition to the obviously notable responsiveness on social media, the more fundamental truth was that these brands believed in being loyal to their customers.
  8. They could have all said, "Hey that sucks dude, but don't worry, our website is always open." Odds are, I'd go back and replace what was stolen. But by showing loyalty to me, they turned me into someone who will stand on the rooftops and say, "Give Hudson Sutler, Avund Goods, Huckberry and GORUCK your business because they went above & beyond for me!" (though anyone who knows me knows I was already doing that for GORUCK). 

    I've learned all I need to know about these companies and the ways they think about their customers and I'm blown away. 

    If you're a digital marketer or social media consultant, take this example and learn from it. 

    If you're someone who likes nice wallets, duffel bags, backpacks or generally cool stuff, go give Avund Goods, Hudson Sutler, GORUCK and Huckberry your business. 

    And if you're from Huckberry, Hudson Sutler, Avund Goods, or GORUCK - thank you.