Examples of Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking: starting at one point and coming up with many different, or divergent, ideas or possibilities based on that point. (Finke, 1995) Here are some of my favorite examples of divergent thinking from www.Fark.com


  1. Images from around the web are submitted to the Fark.com site. The challenge to other members of Fark is to "Photoshop it" in some creative way.
  2. Here's the original picture of a hamster (gerbil? guinea pig?) making a jump over a hurdle. Now what else could you do with this picture?....
  3. How about putting a rider on him...

  4. This is an official photo of President Obama running around his desk to entertain a little girl...
  5. You could extract President Obama and place him into a group of runners...
  6. Or you could draw a hopscotch area on the Oval office floor and have the president playing hopscotch.

  7. Here's a soldier trying to break down a door. How what could someone do with that?....
  8. Here's the soldier extracted from the image and inserted into a well-known image of President Bush. Bush even appears to be trying to get out of the way.
  9. The soldier turned around and inserted into a kid's soccer game....
  10. Inserted into a video game..
  11. Turned downward, duplicated and re-envisioned as a school of dolphins(?). Who would have thought of such a thing?

  12. Another example from Fark: a beautiful picture of a post and countryside.