Tuesday at #ICCB2013


  1. To set the scene, the view from my booth:
  2. And now out of the exhibit hall and off to the talks!
  3. Lots of conversations going on about how to communicate science. I think this one should be framed on everyone's wall.
  4. Can't it be both?
  5. Surprising stats, from the general to the specific:

  6. (This could technically be cheating, since the original tweet was sent on Monday. Shhhh!). ESA is 40 years old.
  7. 80 viruses! Just from bats!
  8. I would like more details on this one.
  9. Monarchs are an interesting one to choose, since the research that traced their wintering grounds to Mexico relied on observations from people across the US and Mexico. Good reminder of the eyes and ears that are out there waiting to be enlisted.
  10. Some nice conversations pointing beyond conservation biology:

  11. Good point.
  12. I am not at all shocked to hear social science still viewed as touchy feely--it's an opinion that goes way up the ranks of "hard" scientists.
  13. On that note, lots of interesting tweets related to how we think and talk about conservation: