Fighting for art's survival in a new - not improved - Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood, with post-Mubarak poster-child for a "new" Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, has struck an intense chord among Egyptian artists. Culture, it seems, is being challenged - and under this new regime, slowly dismantled.


  1. The murmuring buzz is now being heard as a thundering boom: Egypt is going through an unwelcome transformation, according to many in the world of the Egyptian arts. 
    A call for a unified front amid the turmoil of the Morsi administration appears to be driving Egyptian artists, musicians, performers and many of those who value Egypt's vibrant contributions to humanity's cultural development to band together. 
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  3. Others who support the arts, Egyptian or otherwise - including myself, an Egyptian-American, echo the sentiment: 
  4. This post articulates precisely how essential the arts are to the identity of a people. Egyptians have been recognized the world over for maintaining a long, rich history of cherishing and cultivating the very spirit of what makes humanity grow, prosper and achieve greatness: art, music, architecture - among countless other influential contributions. The corrupt regime (and yes, it IS a regime) that now strangles this once triumphant nation should be challenged by all Egyptians - artists and otherwise - to relinquish this charade of religious righteousness and be stripped of all the power that attempts to siphon what's at the core of Egypt (and all great civilizations): the free-flow of artistic expression. It's what has - and what ALWAYS will - make us HUMAN.
  5. We have to openly keep rejecting these rediculous developments, which seem to be spreading like a disease. Look also at us Dutch, what we are doing overthrowing acknowledged art institutions like dance companies and complete 1st class orchestras. Culture and art are a fundamental food for life! Never give up!!
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  7. While the outrage and frustration at the removal of those who have aided in maintaining Egypt's cultural identity - and integrity - are also being feverishly expressed:
  8. Even outside Egypt, concern for its cultural identity, especially via its arts, is being vocalized:
  9. This call is being heeded, however, by some organizations petitioning to challenge the Muslim Brotherhood's "War on Culture" and pushing for a continued cultivation of the arts in Egypt:
  10. In an initial response to accusations that it had begun the decimation of beloved Egyptian art forms, the Muslim Brotherhood held a symposium on culture and the arts back in August of 2012. There, Dr. Khaled Fahmi, Faculty of Arts professor - University of Menoufia asserted that Egyptian identity is "crystal clear" for the Brotherhood, and that the MB views Egyptians as the late Dr. Zaki Naguib Mahmoud once described: "religious and inventive."
  11. Still, there are indications the Muslim Brotherhood's relationship with Egyptian media doesn't appear to support its claims of a "crystal clear" understanding of Egyptian identity: