Research Blogging in the Arts and Humanities

On the 19-20/08/2015 PhD researchers from across Scotland came together for a training event focused on 'research blogging'. The event was kindly funded by the SGSAH through their Cohort Development Fund. This storify features some top tips for new PhD bloggers which arose at the event:


  1. Our first session of the workshop focused on the practical elements of research blogging. Training on making the most of Wordpress was delivered by TweetiePie Media.
  2. Using Wordpress for Academic Blogging

  3. The hashtag #rbah15 captured some tips for getting started with your research blog. We started off with some of the basics - how long should your blog be? How often should you blog? Titles and SEO:
  4. We then got to grips with the nitty-gritty of Wordpress and making it work for you:
  5. And not all widgets are welcome...
  6. Lizzy from TweetiePie Media finished with some final advice about social media:
  7. Copyright and Ethics