Staedtler Pensil Terbaik Untuk Anak

Staedtler Pensil Terbaik Untuk Anak, Pensil merupakan kebutuhan yang sangat penting, terutama bagi para pelajar yang sedang sekolah di tingkat manapun


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  2. Pencil is a very important need, especially for students who are school at any level, so it is important to select and sort the pencils are suitable for use by you and your child, let let's discuss more here :)
  3. Staedtler Pensil Terbaik Untuk Anak

  4. Most people, when getting a new idea or ideas they would write, draw, sketch, or spilling everything terfikirkan onto the paper so that the idea was not lost and forgotten.

    Because of that up until one is found every idea / ideas that began with a pencil.
    No wonder if the pencil factory production continued to compete to improve product quality so that it can compete and meet the needs of the originator of the idea.

    STAEDTLER pencil company is also very supportive and also wants to continue to help each person to pour her cool ideas by providing products of high quality pencils.

    In order to satisfy users and customers, STAEDTLER continue to make the latest innovations so that you as a user and customers feel comfortable when holding the stationery of STAEDTLER, and you'll be more comfortable in expressing the idea.

    Also the idea that you can be a very good work, because the quality of the pencil which also qualified.

    Although today is the era of world all-digital, all-round technology, to manually write on paper is still very often do when they have an idea, I myself when he gets an idea or knowledge that is very important, I would normally noted in a small notebook (notebook) not I type on a smartphone or laptop.

    Why ? Since I often have poured into the laptop in the form of a note in notepad or other media, and I save, but I forgot where to store the file, because so many files on laptops that were scattered: D it if I can say, for me more comfortable writing in books for something important.
  5. A Brief History of the Company Staedtler

    Pencils were first made in 1662 by Friederich STAEDTLER. And in 1683, Friedrich Staedtler Pencil recognized as the World's First Record. After the Industrial Revolution, the 3rd generation family Staedtler, namely JOHAN SEBASTIAN continuing effort STAEDTLER Staedtler Friederich ancestors namely by establishing a factory-producing World's First Pencil.

    Pencil factory is located in the city of Nuernberg - Germany in 1835, and is also marked with color pencils made the first in the world in 1834. This pencil Production Plant named J.S. STAEDTLER. As time began to run his career in this growing industry pencil and began to spread throughout the world.

    Staedtler pencil distributed in Indonesia through PT Asaba which has long been engaged in the field of tool providers such as stationery Copier and Document Solutions, stationary, Data Management & Security, Computer Supplies, Survey Systems, Digital Printing, and others. PT Asaba also has a very broad sub-distributors and reseller network in other cities across Indonesia.

    Along with perkemabangan times, Staedtler pencil has been set up with 7 different levels blackish color, here are the pictures.

    developments pencil

    Technology is increasingly growing rapidly, therefore Staedtler also issued a new flagship product that fits in the age of technology as it is today, namely Staedtler Noris Triangular. Triangular pencils Noris has a triangular shape that fit perfectly to your handheld (ergonomic) so that you as the user does not get tired easily when writing or drawing.

    Staedtler Noris Triangular consists of six kinds of colors: pink, blue, green, white, yellow, and gray, very suitable to accompany learning activities or ideas you daily.

  6. Not only that pencils Staedtler Noris type is highly recommended for children who learn to write like writing letters of the alphabet, numbers, writing smooth, and others. That's why the title of this article is Staedtler Pencil Best For Kids ^ _ ^

    Noris Pencil product excellence triangular:

    Tasty and easy grip (ergonomic)
    Has a triangular shape
    Fits comfortably in the hand
    The child does not get tired easily while using its
    Having a soft lead so that the hand does not hurt
    Very safe for children
    100% FSC-certified wood

    With the explanation explanation I described above, I think it can to make sure that this is true Staedtler Pencil Best For Kids ^ _ ^

    A few of the TM-Blog about Staedtler Pencil Best For Kids may find this information useful for you :)