Victoria BC Police: Taking to Twitter

Victoria BC Police are taking to Twitter and Social Media for both informing and engaging the public, and problem solving. On July 1st, Canada Day between 4pm and 2am, #VicPDhelps is a special tag for the public to report non-emergency incidents...a round up of the evening to midnight

  1. Amazing #canadaday in #yyj with Qristina & Quinn Bachand on ledg lawn!
    Amazing #canadaday in #yyj with Qristina & Quinn Bachand on ledg lawn!
  2. Tweets/photos selection from @vicpdcanada #Vicpdhelps #YYJCanadaDay #YYJ
  3. RT @vicpdcanada: Tonight bet 4pm and 2am #VicPDHelps monitored so you can report issues before they become emergencies. 911 for emerg calls still #yyjbike
  4. 2nd really interesting #police Twitter event going on is @vicpdcanada accepting calls for service through the #SM site from 4pm to 2am
  5. Shout out to @vicpdcanada who really have their social media down. Good luck tonight guys!
  6. @vicpdcanada Pretty peaceful downtown... So much so, I have been called "sir" by numerous young people. I look like @chrisgailus apparently.
  7. RT @LALimoVictoria: @vicpdcanada Yep! We live in a great city with fantastic people :) Happy birthday Canada!
  8. @vicpdcanada I hope it goes well and Victoria celebrates with class and style!!!
  9. RT @vicpdcanada: Sounds like a few ppl are staying in the police 'hotel' already. Don't ruin your night, #FamilyFriendly #yyjcanadaday
  10. Hows @vicpdcanada lookong ? Figure right about now the first groups of intoxicated people should be about to hit the town
  11. RT @vicpdcanada: Remember, not only is littering illegal, its bad for the environment. Over 80 recycle bins to help u today #yyjcanadaday #yyj -MR
  12. If the urge strikes you today, there are 40 porta-potties on site of #yyjCanadaDay :-)
  13. RT @matvic: Looks like #Vicpdhelps is working - couple problems already noticed by an aware public with @vicpdcanada responding #YYJ
  14. #VicPDHelps couple of guys walking across blue bridge exposing themselves. Heading downtown. Peeing in parking lot now. white T black.
  15. @vicpdcanada sorry. Lost them in crowd. Blue jean cut below the knee. Group of 6 or 7 male and fem. Wit T shrt with blk writig. None on back
  16. Gotta say with all the events that happen During Canada Day @vicpdcanada do a great job.. Never any huge problems..
  17. Wish I was still there! RT “@vicpdcanada: Looks like 20-25,000 ppl downtown at #yyjcanadaday and the vibe is great! -MR”
  18. @vicpdcanada compared to the #niagarafalls police you do a phenomenal job at crowd control. They should give you a call and learn a thing
  19. @YYJCanadaDay #YYJ @vicpdcanada if you see groups drinking just outside the inner harbour let us know on #vicpdhelps
  20. I have 2 happy little men! Thx to the @vicpdcanada for the maple leaf tattoos!
  21. Man harrasing his pregnant partner at raynor/craigflower. What a dirtbag #VicPDHelps
  22. Note - @vicpdcanada are using initials ^HS ^MR etc to denote who is replying.
  23. Killer response time, that was less than five minutes! #VicPDHelps
  24. #vicpdhelps hoons outside our drive at 626 Foul Bay rd, girls pulling down pants, peeing in driveway, screaming hollering for past hours.
  25. Great use of social media tonight by @vicpdcanada. As great as @SPVM is with social media, they should take note of #vicpdhelps
  26. #VicpdHelps Kids running into traffic in front of moxies. Fighting.
  27. @LianeCady #vicpdhelps we have just dispatched a car to scene fight was over oin arrival
  28. #VicPDHelps one of them just walked right in front of us, Vic West side of bridge
  29. @vicpdcanada awesome response! They moved away & drinking hollering was silenced after police car "whoop", thx!
  30. #vicpdhelps foot of fort ... along the walkway ... drinkers on the benches
  31. and, an interesting side issue after @vicpdcanada posts about 'males wearing masks'
  32. Report of males wearing mask. If you see them, pls report at #VicpdHelps >HS
  33. @vicpdcanada Did these people do anything illegal, or is wearing a mask somehow a crime in itself?
  34. @vicpdcanada Is this a parody account? Since when is it illegal to wear masks??
  35. the stream really slowed down during the Inner Harbour fireworks at 10:20
  36. #yyjcanadaday #yyj now that the fireworks are over let us know if u see anything police should know about as everyone exits at #vicPDHelps D
  37. #Vicpdhelps Update to missing 90 year old male, Blk leather jacket, beige shirt, dark pants, walks with a walker
  38. Interesting - at this point a number of local tweeps, including media (CHEK News) retweeted, illustrating how many were following the #VicPDhelps hashtag and @VicPDCanada. Note, the original post from Victoria Police did not include the #YYJ hashtag ie: not broadcasting beyond direct followers.
  39. RT @storytelleric: @vicpdcanada Got to work downtown on time and safe. Saw many officers helping, being friendly, and keeping things in control. Thanks much!
  40. Thanks @vicpdcanada for all your hard work 2nite in keeping #CanadaDay a family friendly celebration!