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SciComm 2016

A two-day conference on science communication & engagement (Sep 23-24, 2016 in Lincoln, NE)


  1. This conference builds on the success of UNLSciComm 2015, a symposium organized last year by UNL postdoc Matt Wilkins. (Videos for all 15 presentations available at the link below).
  2. For SciComm 2016, a committee was formed to increase the scope of the meeting to include: nationwide registration, a broader impacts workshop run in collaboration with the National Alliance for Broader Impacts, and a large public science outreach variety show (Science Night Live) in downtown Lincoln, in addition to a symposium featuring diverse talks on science communication and engagement from numerous departments and institutions across the country!
  3. Meet the planning committee members here; main event site here.
  4. This Storify attempts to catalogue some of the amazing presentations and discussions that were had over the 3 main SciComm 2016 events in the hopes of stimulating further conversations among a wider audience interested in improving science communication and engagement.

  5. SciComm Symposium Shortcuts: Sarah Feit, James Blake, Tom Hallaq, Nicole Green, Kathie Phillips, Crystal Powers, Paul Royster, Jenny Melander Keshwani, Scott Schrage, Lisa Pennisi, Chuck Hibberd, Janell Walther, Melinda Yerka, Colleen Syron, Eileen Hebets, Clay Farris Naff, Matt Wilkins, Lighting Talks: Lisa Pytlik Zillig, Andrew Ising, Saundra Frerichs, Teresa Bilinski, Sally Wei, Fernando Mateos-Gonzalez KEYNOTE from Melissa Marshall
  6. Excitement grows for the meeting!

  7. Event 1: National Alliance for Broader Impacts Workshop

  8. This workshop was organized by Nathan Meier and sponsored by the UNL Office of Research and Economic Development and coordinated with the National Alliance for Broader Impacts
  9. After introductory remarks, NABI reps Megan Heitmann & Diane Rover present on broader impacts and how the National Alliance for Broader Impacts can help