6 Things Leesville Students Think on Fridays

Friday. The day that sets students free (at least for the weekend). The last day of the school week, yet there's still an essay due on Monday? Come on man..


  1. 1. How much sleep you can get over the next two days
  2. Leesville students are sleep deprived during the week, so the weekend is a good opportunity to catch up. Whether you sleep through the weekend or get or no sleep, the effects will be felt on Monday morning.
  3. 2. When do I get out of this place?
  4. Let's face it. We think of what we're doing this weekend instead of classwork in front of us. It just makes the day drag on and on.
  5. 3. Realizing there's a test on Monday and you have to study the whole weekend for it
  6. Weekends are supposed to be fun, but not when there's a big test to study for. Especially one that could majorly impact your grade. Moving plans with friends and other sacrifices must be made, officially "ruining" the weekend.
  7. 4. Thinking about the snacks you'll indulge yourself in over the weekend
  8. More likely than not, the best foods stored in your pantry are saved for the weekend. The sweet tasting, delicious, intriguing and delectable (you get the point) foods are ready to be devoured by you, which makes waiting the whole week worth it.
  9. 5. Oh, the places you'll go!
  10. For some, traveling to different places around town make their weekend. The mall, a movie, or going to a fun attraction are just a couple of examples. Others travel out of state, but either way, the places you head to can make your weekend infinitely fun.
  11. 6. The amount of homework given out
  12. Homework is a bother in the students weekends. It interrupts the fun plans and things that were meant to be done. However, it is highly agreed the is no greater satisfaction than finishing the required work to go make their weekend special.