Top Tips to Ensure Baby Gets a Comfortable and Safe Sleep

A baby needs a quality crib mattress. This doesn't mean that parents must spend a small fortune on one.


  1. A baby needs a quality crib mattress. This doesn't mean that parents must spend a small fortune on one. However, it does mean that some thought and care should go into the Best Crib Mattress for Your Baby. Consider that infant's bones are growing, they spend a lot of time in the crib. Therefore, the need of a firm, comfortable space is a must. Read on for top tips to help parents find the best beds for babies.

    Buy new

    There are many items that can be handed down from baby to baby, a crib mattress is not one of them. A used crib mattress can present dangers to a baby. Always buy a new mattress that fits snugly in the baby's crib. A used mattress may not fit as it should, this is another danger that could harm a baby.

    Firm is best

    A firm crib mattress is best for a baby. They do not have the ability to move and mattress experts turn like older children and adults do. A mattress that is too soft can cause suffocation. Press down on a mattress before choosing it. It should feel firm. It should also bounce back from quickly once it's had pressure applied to it. Even though it may seem logical that a nice, soft, mattress is best, it's truly not. This is one reason why baby should not sleep in the same bed with parents, and why air mattresses are a danger.


    Foam and innerspring mattress are the choices. Both are fine for a baby crib. Just take the time to ensure that the foam is dense enough to provide the needed support that a baby needs. Innerspring mattresses provide more support. However, even with this option there are things to be aware of. Most importantly the weight of the mattress. Be sure it's not overly heavy. Parents will have to be able to easily handle the mattress when it's time to change the sheets. A very heavy mattress quickly becomes bothersome, during frequent sheet changes.

    Keep the above tips in mind when it's time to shop for top infant mattresses baby's comfortable, cozy, and safe new mattress. Remember to always buy new, even if well-meaning friends insist their old mattress is fine. Feel the mattress, touch it with your hand, and press down on it as well. Finally, whether innerspring of foam is chosen is a matter of personal preference. Choose the one that feels best, and fits in with the budget.