The Confession of Zach Tomaselli

The third Bernie Fine accuser admits he made up the whole story.

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  1. Zach Tomaselli made it all up
  2. The final chapter in months of lies about the Bernie Fine case first became public with a Tweet from CNYCentral's Michael Benny and then Matt Mulcahy.

  3. Then there was the conversation on the phone.
  4. Bernie Fine accuser says it was all a game
  5. Matt Mulcahy said, 'Do you have an apology to offer Bernie Fine and his friends?"  Zach Tomaselli said,"Yes. Is it heartfelt?  Probably Not.  I don't have feelings. I just don't." Mulcahy asks, "You're not sorry for what you've done?" Tomaselli said, "  No."
  6. Bernie Fine Accuser Lied
  7. Twitter and Facebook blew up with reaction from all corners.
  8. Zach Thomaselli said he was lying and has never even met Bernie what stupid people will do to grab attention
  9. What's next (as far as we know) a Syracuse judge will consider dismissing the defamation case against Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University that was brought by Bobby Davis and Mike Lange.  Court date is set for April 27th.