World Conference on Research Integrity 2017

Tweets by Matt Hodgkinson, Head of Research Integrity at Hindawi, from #WCRI2017


  1. The World Conference on Research Integrity was held in Amsterdam 28-31 May 2017, and I livetweeted the talks. Look out for links for photos of slides and presenters. More tweets are available on the #WCRI2017 hashtag. I ran out of phone battery by lunchtime tweeting the COPE European seminar earlier in the month so I had a power bank to see me through this time!
  2. Inspired by the tulip logo, I've also blogged on the Hindawi site about how the Dutch caused and solved tulip mania – and what this might tell us about how to stop “research mania”.
  3. Day 1 - workshop on text and image processing
  4. Unfortunately I missed this due to travel problems. Developments in software tools are making automatically spotting image manipulation or statistical problems a reality:
  5. Other workshops were on too:
  6. WeWuWiWo is Debora Weber-Wulff, a plagiarism expert whose blog at Copy, Shake and Paste I've read for years and who I was pleased to meet during the conference. She blogged about each day:
  7. Day 2 kicked off and I was still en route
  8. Accountability
  9. I made it just in time to grab some lunch and catch this session! Eric Turner spoke about how trial registration and publication bias is still a problem despite rules - but it's not easy to study: