Franconia Brewing Doing It Right

Franconia Brewing in McKinney is the second oldest brewery in North Texas, and there's a reason for they've grown to be one of the most recognizable in the area.


  1. If you ask local beer fanatics for a good brewery recommendation, you'll most likely hear Franconia come up as one of the first choices. As one of the oldest breweries in the area, it makes sense that they're well known. Recommendations, however, don't come from history. They come from good beer and good people. Franconia has both.
  2. Dennis Wehrmann, a German born man with a rich history of brewing, opened Franconia Brewing Company in 2008 with a sole focus on making and distributing a good beer. Six years later, that focus remains but with a large following to help him out.
  3. If you want the full experience of a brew, you have to visit the brewery. This is one of the main places where Dennis and Franconia differ from other breweries. Where many breweries use "tours" as excuses to have people come in and drink on their premises, Dennis personally gives an hour long tour each Saturday morning at 11.  For $5 (or $10 if you want a real glass to keep), you learn a lot about the history of Franconia and it's beers as well as get in some laughs. Their brewery, it should be mentioned, is 100% self-sufficient and actually sells back energy to the power grid.
  4. Now on to the beer. As I said before, Franconia has one focus: making good beer. They take this very seriously and it shows in their products. They generally have 4 different beers on tap during. They also occasionally do special keg tappings (like the Ice Bock below) that tend to bring in huge crowds. 
  5. Everyone has their favorite beers, and you can't please everyone. There are, however, quite a few times that after having a Franconia, people have a new favorite. It's great beer, and if you haven't yet, you need to give it a shot.