Your Guide To Pharma SEM

These days it seems that everyone has a tendency to just “Google” anytime a health issue arises.


  1. In fact, one out of every 20 searches on Google is health related. Meaning, a majority of individuals are checking out Google before going to see a medical doctor. This may seem like good news for those in the Pharma world when it comes to marketing online. After all, if people are using Google for medical help more than a doctor, why wouldn’t it be a fantastic platform to market your drug? However there is one drawback. There is an intensely complex set of rules, regulations, and processed that many pharmaceutical companies must go through to leverage a paid search. In this article, we will take you through those rules and regulations, to help you become more aware of what it takes to legally and effectively market your Pharma drugs in the SEO world.
  2. SEO Tricks and Tips for Health Care Marketers
  3. Fair Balance

    In order for a company to legally advertise their medication online, they need to make sure their ad is fairly balances. This means that they need to make sure that the content and presentation of a drug’s most important risks must be reasonably similar to the content and presentation of its benefits. Meaning, an ad cannot place a stronger emphasis on the benefits of the drug than it does the risks. This is why you often times will hear at the end of an add all of the risks associated with the drug. This information acts as the counterbalance, or fair balance, to the drug’s effectiveness in treating a condition.
  4. Reminder Ads

    Reminder ads are ads that only give the drugs name, but not their use. Advertisers use this as an assumption tool with their clients. Meaning, that they assume the user knows what the drug is for and does not need to be informed. This is a popular method amongst many Pharma companies because it allows them to advertise their brand of drug, without having to reveal the side effects associated with it. Reason being, it does not discuss the condition treated or how well the drug works.

    The FDA, however, is extremely rigid with this type of advertising because these ads cannot explain, or even suggest what the drug does, what it treats, what the recommended dosage is, or how well it works. If a company does, it would then be in violation of the fair balance rule. However, if they keep all of this information out, they can freely advertise without including any risk factors whatsoever.
  5. Desired Ranking | Health Care SEO
  6. Space Limitations

    Space limitations sometimes can act contradictive to reminder ads, as they allow a brand to disclose a benefit. However, the most vital risk information must be listed within the allotted amount of text. If a company doesn’t feel they can properly list all of the necessary risk information in the allowed amount of text per ad, then the FDA suggests they find another method of advertising. Which, statistics show that this method of advertising is probably the least popular throughout the Pharama world.

  7. There multiple different sets of rules and regulations that must be followed with trying to advertise a Pharma drug online. This is why we recommend always working with a legal or regulatory team before putting and ad on the market. This can help you avoid being fined, or worse, from the FDA if you were to accidentally slip up in creating your ad. After all, getting a a new Pharma SEM campaign off the ground is already difficult enough. Especially when dealing with search engines. In fact, a campaign can’t just get started right away. Instead, it has to be whitelisted internally at the engines in order to qualify for a campaign to go live. If it’s not, all ads will be immediately disapproved. So, make sure you do your due diligence and understand all the ins and outs before starting. If you do, you can ensure yourself success in not only SEM, but also in your Indianapolis SEO strategy overall.