How photography has driven web growth for the Denver Post

Tim Rasmussen, assistant managing editor for photography at the Denver Post, shared a workshop on "Transforming Your Photo Department in the Digital Age" September 15 at a joint conference of the Associated Press Media Editors (formerly Associated Press Managing Editors) and the Associated Press Photo Managers.


  1. Tim Rasmussen set out a goal when he arrived at the Denver Post of monetizing photography on the web alone to the point where it would more than pay for the photo department.
  2. That required some workarounds to the main Denver Post website and its content management system, which weren't designed to showcase photography.
  3. The result?
  4. The Denver Post's photo site,, incorporates wire photos extensively in addition to local photography. There is a heavy emphasis on slideshows, using Slide Show Pro (, an inexpensive web-based program.

  5. The nature of the web and readers' consumption of information requires a heavy emphasis on breaking news.
  6. That means an adjustment in how photography departments and editors have traditionally worked.
  7. The Denver Post's success has come with utilization of all the tools of the web.