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An overview of what happens when a less than competent "CEO" of a incredulous "new media" operation takes questions from twitter.


  1. On Wednesday, local Montréal journalist Steve Faguy published a scathing critique of MTL Blog by sharing 40 unanswered questions about their dubious practices and shady practices. 
  2.  Titled 40 questions MTL Blog refuses to answer about its ethics, the piece quickly circulated through social media and prompted MTL Blog co-founder Chuck Lapointe to hold a twitter Q/A.  
  3. Obvs,  a pretty awful idea. 

  4. MTL Blog's CEO clearly had never heard a thing about such fiascos as #AskThicke or #MyNYPD:
  5. Perhaps he was overconfident in his ability to qualm people's frustrations, or perhaps he underestimated the profound contempt with which many journalists, artists and Montréal residents hold his flouting enterprise, either way the collective response from twitter was pure gold.

  6. The questions and comments ranged from comical: 
  7. To serious examinations of their lack of journalistic, artistic and moral principles: