Tips to deal with Nicotine Stomatitis


  1. Nicotine Stomatitis is a disease, which can cause changes in the mucosa of oral cavity due to a use of cigarette and pipe. It causes hyperkeratotic, which is a result of heat produced by the smoking and chemical produced. It affects the health of oral cavity and palate is exposed to intense heat emerging from the pipe. If you are taking beverages, it does the same thing to mouth by adversely affecting oral mucosa. This can be avoided only by changing the habit of smoking and having hot beverages. One can consult Dentist Pacoima for getting rid of this problem in better way.
  2. The symptoms of nicotine stomatitis appear at the age of 45 years in adults. Mostly male patients are the victims of this disease. It appears in form of gray or white papules in large number and punctured centers along with strains on the teeth. It is basically the swollen salivary glands and their ductal orifices. In some cases, palate appears like dried mud because of the fissures thick structure of palatal keratin. The marginal gingival interdental papillae also get affected along with the buccal mucosa, which is not very common and these all the signs indicate that you have nicotine stomatitis.
  3. In some cases, it appears in the form of hyperkeratosis and acanthosis of the palatal epithelium. Sometimes it also causes the mild, patchy, chronic inflammation of subepithelial connective tissue and mucosal glands. It also causes the inflammation in the duct lumina and the Hyperplastic ductal is observed near the orifices in the case of popular elevations. In some of the rare cases, epithetial Dysplasia is also linked with symptoms of the nicotine stomatitis. The best way to get rid of the nicotine stomatitis is prevention and quit smoking for your oral health, as it affects the health of a patient by making the immune system weak.
  4. The treatment of nicotine stomatitis starts with stopping to smoke. But in few of cases, one can say that the malignant transformation in treating the patient is possible. However, the use of cigarette increases the chances of oral diseases as the mouth is exposed to the heat of smoke from a pipe. The frequent use of smoking creates more problems for the patient by becoming a reason of further complications in your mouth. The decrease in smoking can help the patient in overcoming the serious issues related to the nicotine stomatitis. The complete cure is not possible if you don’t quit smoking for the health.
  5. Nicotine stomatitis is mostly visible in form of redness and after sometimes it changes its color to white and gray along with the appearance of fissures. The roof of the mouth having saliva ducts swells as a result of nicotine stomatitis that can make the tissue like a speckled white or gray in color. The problem with this issue is that one cannot remove it from the mouth. It causes more complications in your mouth by making it more venerable to germs and bacterial activity. Furthermore, the swelling of saliva ducts can affect the taste buds and one can lose the sense of taste, which is required for proper functioning of the mouth in the body.
  6. The role of media, in addition to print and social media, is vital in creating awareness among the masses to prevent nicotine stomatitis. It is only possible if people promote the messages that smoking is injurious to health. The linkage of smoking with nicotine stomatitis is an open secret. Hence, the role of awareness is vital in helping people to prevent this disease. In addition, smoking is considered a root cause of the nicotine stomatitis, as the intake of tobacco along with heat changes the chemical composition of the mouth and when the chemical composition changes, it become a direct cause of serious diseases linked with the palate of the mouth.
  7. This means that it is the responsibility of individuals because if you know the consequences of smoking, it can be mitigated. The role of self-awareness is important in order to protect oneself from harmful effects of the smoking. Though the smoking causes nicotine stomatitis, however in the serious cases, the patient cannot eat and sleep properly, as it causes discomfort in a mouth. The other associated problem is one cannot speak with nicotine stomatitis because of the increased swelling of saliva ducts located on the roof of the mouth, which facilitates the speaking process.
  8. Accordingly, The medical associations should launch awareness campaign with the assistance from the government. Nicotine stomatitis is linked with pipe smoking, which can cause death in later stages of a patient. It is not visible until the age of the 40 when it is too late to cure it. The later stages of nicotine stomatitis can become unbearable for the patient as it causes discomfort. If you are unable to speak due to swelling of a palate of the mouth, it can affect your confidence. Therefore, the role of the dentist is vital in guiding you to deal or prevent nicotine stomatitis.
  9. While the disease was common in men initially, but an increasing rate of smoking in women is another alarming sign for frequent cases of nicotine stomatitis. The growing number of women smokers can adversely affect the health. It triggers the risks of mouth cancers in women also. Therefore, some of the dentists may blame the tobacco producing companies for growing number of smokers in both men and female. The dissatisfaction of people from their lives can also lead them to smoke which becomes a cause of nicotine stomatitis eventually. Additionally, the ulcers are another condition which can sometimes cause the death of the patient. Hence, the developmental of ulcers is associated with smoking in the most of the cases.
  10. To conclude, one can nicotine stomatitis is caused by smoking. The amount of heat produced during smoking has a harmful impact on the health of the mouth. Similarly, the development of redness and sourness can eventually cause fissures, which are incurable. Moreover, one can say that it is essential for the patient to quit smoking as early as possible to prevent the nicotine stomatitis in them. Finally, the role of doctor and media is important in highlighting the harmful effects of the smoking in the later stages of patients.