Quaid Morris

Computational biologist with a machine learning slant.

Kerry Mitchell

Interested in art, design, illustration, 3D/VR and marketing. Work for @IRDInc1 - opinions expressed here are my own.

m. stilin spolar

Only endorses Pittsburgh sports teams

Joe Ortiz

Culture Vulture, social media obsessed, photo lover and more!

Myfox provides you the peace of mind you deserve through an innovative smart home security system that deters rather than simply detecting danger.

Julie Geller

Principal, Geller Strategic Services. Content gold digger, coffee snob, addicted to Yelp reviews.

Chuq Von Rospach

The Daily Outsider


Reporter for @FeaturesLNP, aspiring gardener, @ithacacollege alum, vegetarian. Brakes for yard sales.

J. Graeme Noseworthy

Marketing Director @RapidMiner. Father to the #AdventureMen. Cheshire YMCA Executive Board Member. Volunteer @camptakodah. Freemason. Ex IBMer. Analytics Nerd.

ed bice

proximity, globalization, and the war on imagination - the opinions and ideas herein r my own

Alquiler de coches en Murcia

Joe Manna

⚡ Developer Partner Program Manager for @Infusionsoft. Helps thousands of small businesses and startups succeed. Outspoken. Personal views are my own. #phx

Stacey Hanke

Coach & Mentor Professionals: Increase Impact Through Influential Communication, Presentation, Sales & Facilitation Skills | Keynote Speaker | Speak to Be Heard


Sappiate avere torto, il mondo è pieno di gente che ha ragione. È per questo che marcisce. [Louis-Ferdinand Céline]