Patent Earth specializes in patent art prints and t-shirts. For every invention and idea that has changed our lives and shaped the world as we know it, there is a patent that elegantly explains it’s purpose and design. Our goal is to provide beautiful patent art that will inspire YOU, no matter what your passion is!

krista sarginson

Itinerant Resource Teacher with the OCSB. Interested in Special Education, Assistive Tech and the Flipped Classroom. Views are my own.

Gayatri Gadre

Author of Off Beats, Travel blogger & influencer, working on my debut novel, Digital Marketing professional

Mike Adamson

Just a guy...although I've seen some things and some stuff. #NoHate #twinja

johnbeckleyart - Artiste Peintre

Je suis artiste peintre professionnel depuis 2006 et je propose dans ma galerie mes oeuvres d'art aux couleurs dynamiques et éclatantes. A ce jour j'ai vendus des milliers de tableau abstrait à travers le monde. Si vous souhaitez vous aussi découvrir mon travail vous pouvez visiter mon site web. Je propose aussi des tirages d'art en série limitée ainsi que des oeuvres numériques réalisés avec une tablette graphique et des logiciel tel que Photoshop. En tant qu'artiste peintre je propose un large choix de peinture moderne idéale pour mettre en valeur votre habitation.

Kim Guerrette

loving husband & dad, enjoy coding, photography, technology, movies, etc.

Mario grigorescu

I'm a Internet Marketing Consultant specialized in Responsive Web Design, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Web Project Management. I start to work in 2010 as a hobby promoting small businesess & events in my city, helping individuals and companies write web page content, resumes, bios and emails. Today, I am an internet marketing consultant serving small to medium-sized businesses around the globe. I share tips and tricks about online marketing and provide inspiration through the content that I share and create. You can Hire Me as Your Personal Web Project Manager to Grow Your Business Online. Contact me right now for a FREE CONSULTATION!


In 2008 I was consulting about tinker toys in Deltona, FL. Set new standards for selling banjos in West Palm Beach, FL. Spent high school summers researching wooden horses in Tampa, FL. Spent 2002-2007 supervising the production of tar in the UK. Once had a dream of supervising the production of carp in Mexico. Spent a year consulting about hobos for the underprivileged.

Tony Zeoli

Digital Strategy, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, Growth Hacking @dswks; DJ @netmix, @djtonyz

Rob Garver

National Correspondent, @TheFiscalTimes Bio:


I spent more than 9 years in telecommunication industry. Best way to connect with your friends and family. Philippines-Load is one of those organizations who provide prepaid credits which suits everybody’s needs.


In 2010 I attended a seminar in the Philippines related to the recharge services. It was a great experience to know that how to send load easily anywhere in the Philippines. How we can easily connect with our loved ones through this service.

Tiago Ramalho

Journalism. Coleciono memórias e caço histórias para as poder contar. UMinho | ComUM

Dave Kahn

Canadian guy, expat, Blogger, Business owner, Finder of all things cool. I have travelled to 47 countries. SFU Alum.


I have always been 'epicurious' when it comes to food. I started making simple crock pot recipes when I was 10 and from there the sky was the limit. By the time I was 14, I made most of our family dinners. That's when I really started experimenting with ingredients. Experiencing foreign cultures and foods is a true passion of mine. I can't wait for my next adventure! People don't eat well because they don't have time. Fast food, take-out, delivery and all that pre-made stuff you buy in the grocery store is often full of sodium and preservatives and fat. Me and my sister started website Clover Sisters to give people a healthier option for their meals. It's so rewarding to know I am helping people eat healthier, I love my job!