Merit Fitness 725T Plus vs. 715T Plus


  1. Sometimes it is difficult to decide what is the best treadmill for your needs and just maybe you need some help so you can make a comfortable decision. This is why we have provided this treadmill comparison.
  2. Both are Award Winner’s, but which one has the highest customer rating?
  3. Let’s Take a Look in More Detail…
  4. Get your fats burning with any of these two treadmills: the Merit Fitness Treadmill 725T Plus (rated 3.8) and the Merit Fitness Treadmill 715T Plus (rated 3.2), which will surely give you your shape.
  5. Gone are the days that you will need to exert extra efforts in running outside your house just to keep fit and healthy because today, there is nothing better than owning a treadmill. Isn’t it nice to do exercise everyday without worrying about the heavy rains outside?
  6. In order for you to know which one would work better, check out the comparison of Merit Fitness Treadmill 725T Plus and 715T Plus in the succeeding paragraphs.
  7. These two products from Merit Fitness are made to cater to your needs in practicing high quality exercises with the use of their equipment. They can last for a long time and have an attractive design tested rigorously for holding up heavy usage. Every Merit Fitness product is trust worthy in meeting your exercise needs.
  8. Which is Bigger?
  9. Starting off with the size, Merit Fitness Treadmill 715T Plus is bigger than Merit Fitness Treadmill 725T Plus. The former has a workout area that measures 18×47-inch while the latter only measures 18×45-inch.
  10. 725T weighs 121 pounds
    715T weighs 108 pounds
  11. Which Has a Higher Quality?
  12. The Merit Fitness Treadmill 725T Plus is made with Top High Quality of 2.5 in its motor. You can choose the running speed of it from zero to ten miles for every hour. It has built-in LED display with three-window to help you out in tracking the time, calories, speed, speed and many more. It will occupy some space in your house for up to 18 x 47 inches with system of Aero soft cushioning. To give you ease in storing this gadget, the manufacturers created it with a foldable frame which measures 29 x 52 x 61 inches (w, h, d).
  13. On the other hand, the 715T Plus has much higher quality of 2.25 with a drive motor horsepower. The same with the first mentioned treadmill, it can run from zero to ten miles for every hour and you can also make some adjustments with it depending on your needs and capabilities. It only has 2 windows for LED display for viewing the speed, time, calories and other measurements. The frame can also be folded in order to be stored easily, and measures 32x52x71 inches (w,h,d) .
  14. Features
  15. The Treadmill 725T Plus creates less noise from its belt and motor than any other treadmills. The TV can be adjusted to a comfortable volume. It also offers four programs for fitness which includes rolling hills, manuals, and intervals, and most especially, weight loss. All of these programs are supported by the cushioning system of Aerosoft. It surely is the best companion for both joggers and walkers while offering a continuous motor in duty with 1.50 HP to keep you striding smoothly and steadily at any level of pace.
  16. The programs offered by the Merit Fitness 725T Plus treadmill are the following: hill and mountain climbing, losing weight, challenges for your endurance and cardio system. There is no problem in maintaining your routine in doing your workout with this treadmill because it comes with constant graphics display and monitor. Special features of the treadmill include its folding frame for storing the equipment easily. It also comes with MP3 players so you will be more comfortable doing the exercise. The most relevant feature of this 725T treadmill is helping you out in knowing what kind of workout you need that is appropriate for your heart. Don’t you know that by knowing the rate of your heart, you can already determine the track of your workout? Well, this treadmill will give you that.
  17. On the other hand, 715T has the following features:
  18. 2.5 THP drive motor
  19. Console controls that have adjustable speed from 0-10 miles/ hour
  20. 3-window LED display that can track your calories, distance, speed and time
  21. 18×47 inch workout area that comes with Aerosoft cushioning system
  22. Folding frame that can be stored easily
  23. Which is More Affordable?
  24. Both products are highly recommended by those who have already purchased one for their own. Reviewers said that if you are looking for affordable exercising equipment, treadmills from Merit Fitness are all you need.
  25. Speaking of prices, the Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill costs only $349.99 while the Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill is worth $399.99.