There's still time to donate to 'Zach's Pack'

"When our feet hit the pavement at 6 a.m. on the day of the walk we were already above $22,000 raised for cancer research and treatments. We’re happy to gather any financial support others may wish to send our way as we continue to work to raise $50,000 this year." - MTA member Zach Galvin

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  1. THANK YOU MTA for joining us in 2013!! Ya'll comeback and do it again in 2014!!
  2. My sixth grade teacher!
  3. I was JUST talking about this amazing woman! I reference her every year as the teacher that made me become a third grade teacher! (She was my third grade teacher) Were you able to get her contact information Zach? I would love to send her a note letting her know the impact she had on me! I recognized her right away!
  4. That is awesome - I told my kids about my great 6th grade teacher! Thanks for posting Zach and congrats.
  5. It was another awesome day yesterday
  6. 26.2 miles to go!!
  7. Framingham center!!
  8. Natick Center never looked so good!
  9. Go, Team MTA & Zach's Pack! At the " class="_58cn">#JimmyFundWalk in Natick Center.
  10. $19,466.60 on the electronic tally!!!! And with my brother's phone call today to let me know of his check and the checks from his friends (made in Dad's memory) literally in the mail headed to Boston AND with the checks I sent in today....It's time to say THANKS TO YOU for getting Zach's Pack to $20,000 before walk day! We are nearly 1/2 way to our 50 Grand goal! This photo from 2008 one of our largest teams!
  11. You people are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The electronic tally at 6 clicks to 5PM is an astounding $20,172.80 !!!! Zach's Pack has NEVER seen that happen prior to walk day!!! I wish I could hug each of you personally.... I really am humbled by your willingness to reach out and support us in that fight against cancer that way! Keep it coming!!
  12. True story... A kindergartner and a third grader just walked up to me as I sit at the bagel shop writing walk letters. They each handed me a few dollars and asked me to give it to the Jimmy Fund. The kindness of all to help those they will never know who fight cancer. THAT is what this is all about... " class="">
  13. When I was a first year teacher 17 years ago at Natick High, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute saved my life from stage IV Hodgkin's Disease. This picture is full of MTA teachers from Waltham, Natick and Foxboro and students of mine past and present fro...See More
  14. Love that so many folks have been tagged! Glad to be part of Zach's Pack! Many, many fans of Zach Galvin in the MTA community!