Boston Marathon Bombings - #EdChatMA 4/21/2013

Posts and tweets from the week following the Boston Marathon bombings and related police activities. We've included tweets made during #EdChatMA 4/21/2013 as well as a range of #Bostonstrong posts.

  1. We are proud to stand #BostonStrong and shine blue & yellow lights in our lobby-- the colors of the @bostonmarathon:
  2. Together we share in a moment of silence. God Bless the people of Massachusetts. #BostonStrong
  3. @PGRoom209: Wishing MA teachers a smooth re-entry tomorrow! #edchatma” And to you, too! #bostonstrong #collierstrong
  4. Knowing that people and routines at school stay the same does a lot for students. #edchatma #bostonstrong
  5. #edchatma Since Sandy Hook,my Ss have been asking more frequently for lock down drills & ask abt procedures & safety.More worriers this year
  6. #edchatma I think if we smile, offer a supportive atmosphere and refer to guidance when necessary, middle school Ss will be ok.
  7. @WriteS_olutions Best practice:focus on heroes, first responders & citizens helping;More good people than bad in the world;do good-make good
  8. #edchatma also can speak to awareness & safety in general as their health teacher. Business as usual unless they bring it up
  9. @PGRoom209 #edchatma yes. I think it is harder to support the little ones. Esp if they have seen a lot of the news coverage
  10. @PGRoom209 #edchatma great idea! I have been planning to update my webpage...teen speak & parent friendly
  11. After #newtown and #bostonstrong, I want to create a resource for Ps on our class website. Alert P's ahead of time of strategies. #edchatma
  12. With the marathon a more familiar venue for my Ss, I think we'll be dealing with more worries this time. #edchatMA
  13. Someone said to me tonight, "It's amazing what they could do in 8 hours." I said, "It's not amazing; it's Wilmington." #CollierStrong
  14. Here are some good #bostonstrong resources for educators & parents. Do you have other suggestions? #edchatMA 
  15. Proud, relieved, and very grateful to all law enforcement and citizens who helped end this nightmare. #bostonstrong
  16. Touching new photo:Crowds gather near finish line of #BostonMarathon after capture of bombing suspect.#wbz
  17. The tireless work ethic & pursuit of public safety by the Boston Police Department, SWAT teams, etc., is nothing short of admirable. Wow.
  18. Today's resolution in #Watertown #Boston brought to you by taxpayer-paid, professionally trained, unionized public employees.
  19. Tom Menino stands on broken leg to speak at interfaith service; says he's never loved the city more than today.
  20. Incredibly grateful to all the law enforcement of Boston who have been working non-stop to protect us #proudtobeabostonian #bostonstrong
  21. Spirit of the city. Special food delivery for very grateful police and Nat Guard working long hours.
  22. Obviously we are in debt to all of those who responded to this manhunt. Thank you all!
  23. Commissioner Davis gets on police radio and declares, "It is a proud day to be a Boston Police officer. Thank you."
  24. Most cannot fathom the amount of effort & resources required for this. Congrats to all FBI PD, FD, EMS, etc involved. Glad everyone is safe.
  25. I propose a duck boat parade for law enforcement. This is more important than any trophy.
  26. In our time of rejoicing, let us not forget the families of Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu, Krystle Campbell and Officer Sean Collier.
  27. We stand united with the Red Sox.
  28. God bless 1st responders "seconds after the explosions, u see 100s of people running TOWARDS the carnage to help. Not away." Paul Kozlowski
  29. For all the horror today, what I saw after the explosions was a city of compassion and caring, of people wanting to help. The real Boston.
  30. You have to admire our first responders. They're the folks who run towards the danger, not away from it.
  31. Thank god for that swarm of first responders, & our amazing hospitals.
  32. Thinking how different 9-11 would have been if Twitter existed then. TV coverage now feels slow & dated. Graphic tweets replacing images.
  33. I'm currently states away, but my thoughts are with everyone in Boston.
  34. Thankful for the people whose job it is to flourish under stress rather than complain about it. Great reminder that we can all be stronger.
  35. “This is a horrific day in Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been injured.
  36. I am a newspaper man for 27 years;my eyes tear at these words: An eight year old boy was murdered at the Boston Marathon today.
  37. Timeline Photos | Facebook
  38. Powerful image of first responders at the Boston
  39. In the midst of a story like this, twitter is both the best and the worst place to turn. Please RT with caution & context.
  40. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Boston area. We hope our friends and colleagues there are all safe and well.
  41. Staring in shock at the television screen. This is insane.
  42. I'm in Cambridge and fine. Thoughts and prayers to those at the #BostonMarathon.
  43. This is one of those "but it doesn't happen here" moments. Stunned. #prayforboston
  44. Monitoring the scene back home. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and everyone at @bostonmarathon, in Boston and in Mass. -MC
  45. Keep passing people making the "Mom, I'm safe" phone call.
  46. Thoughts and prayers go out to the people who were at the finish line during this horrible disaster #bostonmarathon
  47. Oh thank God; one text back confirming she's ok. Waiting for the second friend's response. Really hoping none of my students are there.
  48. So true RT @MichaelPaulson: Horrible following the news from Boston. Hard to overstate the bigness of this day and this race in city's life.
  49. If you are trying to reach friends or family and can't get through via phone, try texing instead (less bandwidth)
  50. Thoughts and prayers to all at the #bostonmarathon The images and videos are devastating
  51. Marathon is making news here in South Carolina. My heart goes out to everyone there.
  52. Boston EMS/police/fire saying they need ppl on social media to let ppl stuck in bars & restaurants to know a street sweep is happening
  53. Our hearts go out to everyone at the #bostonmarathon finish line. Terrible news.