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The Guide to Open Houses

Most consumers are not aware of the fact that open houses in real estate offer more of a benefit to a Realtor than they do a homeowner. The reason is simple - any buyer interested in viewing a home will schedule an appointment to see it. Open houses mainly are for an agent to prospect for business!


  1. Why real estate open houses do not work for selling a home. See why agents love them but should be second guessed by an owner.
  2. Are open houses necessary when selling a home? Absolutely not! Find out why so many Realtors push this archaic form of real estate marketing.
  3. What are the drawbacks of an open house? How about theft! Most Realtors will not bother to speak to an owner about the risks of an open house.
  4. One of the biggest myths in real estate is that open houses are needed to sell property. That is so far from the truth as serious buyers will always schedule a showing to view homes they are interested in. So why do real estate agents hold open houses? The answer to this question is an easy one. It is also something that many real estate agents don't like to admit. An open house is all about the agent getting new prospects to work with. Rarely does an open house result in a sale. The fact of the matter is home owners don't need to do open houses! An open house can actually be a liability. Take a look at all the reasons why a seller can avoid an open house without a problem selling their home.
  5. From a buyers perspective open houses can be an easy place to feel no pressure when buying a home. They are also great opportunities for a buyer to meet the listing agent and ask them specific questions about the property, neighborhood and town. In the article you will see some of the best questions to ask a listing agent at an open house.
  6. A compilation of articles on why home sellers do not need open houses to sell their property. Take a look at these articles found at Bundlr.
  7. What is the truth about open houses so many Realtors don't want you to know? Take a look at the articles found at Listly.
  8. If you decide you absolutely must do an open house make sure you read these tips on how to make sure you don't get robbed. Thieves love open houses!
  9. Why an open house is nothing more than a sketchy real estate practice that benefits a real estate agent and NOT a home owner.
  10. Another article that sums up why open houses are more of a benefit to a real estate agent than they are to a home owner. Folks open house offer far more drawbacks than they do advantages to a seller. The fact of the matter is open houses are not necessary to sell a home and increase the chances of theft!
  11. What are the pro's and cons of an open house?