The Benefits of Hydroponics

You walk into a Hydro store filled with equipment for hydroponics. It looks daunting and confusing.


  1. You walk into a Hydro store filled with equipment for hydroponics. It looks daunting and confusing. While you know that hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil, you might not understand why this is important or useful to you as a farmer or gardener. Is it worth learning about? Here are some benefits of hydroponics to help you decide:

    Less Water Usage

    Not only does hydroponics remove the need for nutrient-filled soil, but it also reduces the need for water. You use tons of water on your plants to keep them happy and attleboro grow store healthy, but much of that water is run-off and wasted. With hydroponics, less water is needed as the plants receive a concentrated nutrient-rich solution.

    Constant Nutrients

    Hydroponics makes less work for you. You set up the system and let the nutrient solution do the work. You don’t have to water the plants or feed them regularly. The plants constantly receive the correct amount of nutrient solution needed for excellent growth. You don’t have to worry about using too much water or not giving the plants enough nutrients.

    Pest Problems Reduced

    One of the biggest problems with growing plants in soil is pests. Those unwanted bugs destroy the plants and make more work for you to get rid of them. That’s not as big of a problem with hydroponics. The plants aren’t in soil or near the ground to attract bugs. The process is like Indoor gardening, with the plants growing in a hot house that will also keep out pests.

    Good For the Environment

    Most hydroponic systems still require some sort of substrate for the plant’s roots. The great thing is that you can reuse waste as substrate. Examples include using sheep wool, broken brick pieces, rice husks, and packing peanuts. Use these items you already have instead of throwing them away. This helps the environment.


    Hydroponics is an organic process that only uses natural or reused items to grow the plants. Since the plants constant receive the correct amount of nutrients at all times, there is no need for special growth chemicals. Since pests aren’t a problem then there is no need for pesticides to get rid of the bugs.

    Does hydroponics sound like something your farm or garden would benefit from? If so, visit your local Grow shop and take a look around. The process might seem daunting, but the pay-off is work the learning curve. Experts at the Grow store are always there to help you get started.